Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tips-N-Tricks Tuesday - Bacon... Frozen?

New series a'comin'!  Tips-N-Tricks Tuesday!  Every once in awhile, I come across a post that just some really cool information that I never knew before.  Instead of adding it to a post where people will have to search, scratching their head, going, "It was here somewhere................. "  And then they drown in the abyss of the internet.  So I decided I would just start a new series!  Sometimes, I may post actual recipes (like making your own pumpkin pie spice) or I may post little tips and tricks (hence the name) for little things in life to help you out in the kitchen.

So, as the inaugural post (the election was last week so I feel comfortable using the term, plus I like big words, big $.50 words!), we are going to post a tip about Ryan's favorite food group - Bacon.  Yes, according to my husband, it is a food group.  It's apparently right in between breads/whole grains and fruit and vegetables, meaning you need to eat to eat around 5 servings a day.  Yeah, nothing wrong with that *roll eyes*  Anyhoo, most people, if you're like myself, do not use an entire package of bacon before it goes bad.  And if you've ever seen bacon that's gone bad, you completely understand the urgent need for this post.  The original post came from America's Test Kitchen which is known for doing some wild and crazy things in the name of, not only science, but of the kitchen.  Why no one had ever thought of this, I have no idea.  Sometimes, the information they post is so unbelievably simple that you just want to smack yourself on the head for not thinking of it first.  This is one of those times!

Freezing Bacon

Taking two to four individual slices of bacon, roll up the bacon until they become a tight cylinder.
Put bacon cylinders into a ziploc bag and seal.
Put bacon cylinders into your freezer and lay flat until completely frozen.  (The reason for this is to ensure the bacon does not freeze in between the small spaces on the shelves.)
Once they are completely frozen, you can put them anywhere in the freezer.
When you need some bacon, defrost and you are ready to go.

Original ATK Post

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